TestFest 2009

The TestFest is an event that aims at improving the code coverage of the test suite for the PHP language itself. As part of this event, local User Groups (UG) are invited to join the TestFest. These UGs can meet physically or come together virtually. The point however is that people network to learn together. Aside from being an opportunity for all of you to make friends with like minded people in your (virtual) community, it also will hopefully reduce the work load for the PHP.net mentors. All it takes is someone to organize a UG to spearhead the event and to get others involved in writing phpt tests. The submissions will then be reviewed by members of php.net before getting included in the official test suite.

Participating Users Group

Please check the PHP.net wiki page for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I care?

Aside from having to opportunity to help in improving the language itself, we will also raffle off 10 elePHPants to submitters. Every submission (test) that is considered helpful receives one entry into the raffle. Furthermore, people that show they are capable of writing tests entirely on their own may be given official PHP.net accounts with direct commit access to cvs.php.net and an @php.net email address. As a result participants should also read over the general guidelines for getting CVS access.

When will the TestFest take place?

UGs are free to pick any time in April - June 2009. Each local TestFest can last a day, a week or any other timeframe.

Why is the timeframe flexible?

We want to ensure that we have mentors ready and available to answer questions. The timeframe for each UG needs to suite both the UG and the availability of mentors.

How will local organizers be assisted?

We will make a list of areas available of areas of PHP that need more testing. Along with that list we will provide contact information for mentors. The mentors will also review the submissions later on. Ideally questions regarding the testing framework itself will be answered by local organizers. Please check the wiki to get details on the available mentors and focus areas.

I want to organize an event, but there is nobody here that knows how to write tests for PHP. What can I do?

First look at the documentation on how to write phpt tests. It's actually not that hard. If you still need help feel free to contact the QA mailinglist.

Where are tests submitted to?

When user groups register for an event we will create a directory in a Subversion repository, members of the usr group should check in their tests under that directory. The repository is:


Each usergroup lead will be given admin rights in the repository and will create regular user IDs for other members of the group.

There is a directory called IndependentContributor for people who are not working with a user group. If you would like access to that please mail your request and a sample test case to php-qa@lists.php.net

I volunteered to be a mentor, how do I review tests?

Look at the tests for the user group that you are mentoring in the subversion repository. Check out the tests and ensure that they run. Key review points are:
  • Is the test readable? Can you understand quickly what it's supposed to do?
  • Are there appropriate SKIPIF sections?
  • Is there a CREDITS section (should contain #PHPTestFest2009)?
  • If the test 'reasonably' short? Imagine it failed and you had to work out why, do you think you could do it without creating a smaller test?

If the test does not run or does not meet enough of these criteria then add your review comments and check back in to the SVN repository.

If the test is good, commit to PHP CVS and delete from Subversion.

What version of PHP should be used?

We prefer that the tests are made for 5.3/HEAD. You can grab a build of 5.3 at the snaps page. Source code and Windows builds are available. Possibly there will be a release candidate of PHP 5.3 available as well. If requiring PHP 5.3/HEAD is an issue for your UG, please let us know so that we can see how your UG can still participate.

How are submissions reviewed? How do I get feedback?

Mentors will have access to all the submissions and will review submissions at their own pace in their given area of expertise. We hope this will be done in a timely manner, but please understand that we cannot give any guarantees, especially if the event turns out to be as successful as we hope. Submitters should look for review comments in their submitted tests, if the test dissappears from Subversion, it has been been processed and committed to PHP CVS.

How do I join? How do I get more information?

Please contact the QA mailinglist if you are interested in participating or if you have any questions. Alternatively you can join #php.pecl on Efnet or the #phptestfest channel on Freenode IRC server. There should usually be someone around to help.

Do you also provide a smaller version of the logo?

Yes, here you go (scale as needed): scalable image