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Version: 5.4.4

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<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
phpinfo() PHP Version =&gt; 5.4.4 System =&gt; Linux mioljub #1 SMP Wed Apr 22 17:24:56 Local time zone must be
set--see zic i686 Build Date =&gt; Jun 24 2012 16:59:22 Configure
Command =&gt; '/dev/shm/php-5.4.4/configure' '--prefix=/usr'
'--enable-re2c-cgoto' '--with-tidy' '--with-pear'
'--with-apxs2=/usr/bin/apxs' '--with-openssl=/usr/local/ssl'
'--with-pcre-regex=/usr' '--with-zlib=/usr' '--with-bz2=/usr'
'--enable-fpm' '--enable-bcmath' '--enable-calendar'
'--enable-exif' '--enable-ftp' '--with-curl=/usr' '--enable-dba'
'--with-gdbm=/usr' '--with-libxml-dir=/usr'
'--with-openssl-dir=/usr/local/ssl' '--enable-gd-native-ttf'
'--enable-gd-jis-conv' '--with-vpx-dir=/usr' '--with-jpeg-dir=/usr'
'--with-png-dir=/usr' '--with-xpm-dir=/usr'
'--with-freetype-dir=/usr' '--with-t1lib=/usr' '--with-gmp=/usr'
'--enable-mbstring' '--with-mysql=/usr'
'--with-mysqli=/usr/bin/mysql_config' '--with-pdo-mysql=/usr'
'--with-pdo-pgsql=/usr' '--with-pgsql=/usr' '--with-readline=/usr'
'--with-xsl=/usr' '--enable-zip' '--with-zlib-dir=/usr'
'--with-pcre-dir=/usr' Server API =&gt; Command Line Interface
Virtual Directory Support =&gt; enabled Configuration File
(php.ini) Path =&gt; /usr/lib Loaded Configuration File =&gt;
/usr/lib/php.ini Scan this dir for additional .ini files =&gt;
(none) Additional .ini files parsed =&gt; (none) PHP API =&gt;
20100412 PHP Extension =&gt; 20100525 Zend Extension =&gt;
220100525 Zend Extension Build =&gt; API220100525,TS PHP Extension
Build =&gt; API20100525,TS Debug Build =&gt; no Thread Safety =&gt;
enabled Zend Signal Handling =&gt; disabled Zend Memory Manager
=&gt; enabled Zend Multibyte Support =&gt; provided by mbstring
IPv6 Support =&gt; enabled DTrace Support =&gt; disabled Registered
PHP Streams =&gt; https, ftps, compress.zlib, compress.bzip2, php,
file, glob, data, http, ftp, phar, zip Registered Stream Socket
Transports =&gt; tcp, udp, unix, udg, ssl, sslv3, sslv2, tls
Registered Stream Filters =&gt; zlib.*, bzip2.*, convert.iconv.*,
string.rot13, string.toupper, string.tolower, string.strip_tags,
convert.*, consumed, dechunk This program makes use of the Zend
Scripting Language Engine: Zend Engine v2.4.0, Copyright (c)
1998-2012 Zend Technologies
Configuration bcmath BCMath support =&gt; enabled Directive =&gt;
Local Value =&gt; Master Value bcmath.scale =&gt; 0 =&gt; 0 bz2
BZip2 Support =&gt; Enabled Stream Wrapper support =&gt;
compress.bzip2:// Stream Filter support =&gt; bzip2.decompress,
bzip2.compress BZip2 Version =&gt; 1.0.6, 6-Sept-2010 calendar
Calendar support =&gt; enabled Core PHP Version =&gt; 5.4.4
Directive =&gt; Local Value =&gt; Master Value allow_url_fopen
=&gt; Off =&gt; Off allow_url_include =&gt; Off =&gt; Off
always_populate_raw_post_data =&gt; Off =&gt; Off
arg_separator.input =&gt; &amp; =&gt; &amp; arg_separator.output
=&gt; &amp; =&gt; &amp; asp_tags =&gt; On =&gt; On auto_append_file
=&gt; no value =&gt; no value auto_globals_jit =&gt; Off =&gt; Off
auto_prepend_file =&gt; no value =&gt; no value browscap =&gt; no
value =&gt; no value default_charset =&gt; utf-8 =&gt; utf-8
default_mimetype =&gt; text/html =&gt; text/html disable_classes
=&gt; no value =&gt; no value disable_functions =&gt; no value
=&gt; no value display_errors =&gt; STDERR =&gt; STDERR
display_startup_errors =&gt; Off =&gt; Off doc_root =&gt; no value
=&gt; no value docref_ext =&gt; no value =&gt; no value docref_root
=&gt; no value =&gt; no value enable_dl =&gt; On =&gt; On
enable_post_data_reading =&gt; On =&gt; On error_append_string
=&gt; no value =&gt; no value error_log =&gt; no value =&gt; no
value error_prepend_string =&gt; no value =&gt; no value
error_reporting =&gt; 24575 =&gt; 24575 exit_on_timeout =&gt; Off
=&gt; Off expose_php =&gt; Off =&gt; Off extension_dir =&gt;
/usr/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-zts-20100525 =&gt;
/usr/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-zts-20100525 file_uploads =&gt; On
=&gt; On highlight.comment =&gt; <font style=
"color: #FF9900">#FF9900</font> =&gt; <font style=
"color: #FF9900">#FF9900</font> highlight.default =&gt;
<font style="color: #0000BB">#0000BB</font> =&gt; <font style=
"color: #0000BB">#0000BB</font> highlight.html =&gt; <font style=
"color: #000000">#000000</font> =&gt; <font style=
"color: #000000">#000000</font> highlight.keyword =&gt;
<font style="color: #007700">#007700</font> =&gt; <font style=
"color: #007700">#007700</font> highlight.string =&gt; <font style=
"color: #DD0000">#DD0000</font> =&gt; <font style=
"color: #DD0000">#DD0000</font> html_errors =&gt; Off =&gt; Off
ignore_repeated_errors =&gt; Off =&gt; Off ignore_repeated_source
=&gt; Off =&gt; Off ignore_user_abort =&gt; Off =&gt; Off
implicit_flush =&gt; On =&gt; On include_path =&gt; .:/usr/lib/php
=&gt; .:/usr/lib/php log_errors =&gt; On =&gt; On
log_errors_max_len =&gt; 1024 =&gt; 1024 mail.add_x_header =&gt; On
=&gt; On mail.force_extra_parameters =&gt; no value =&gt; no value
mail.log =&gt; no value =&gt; no value max_execution_time =&gt; 0
=&gt; 0 max_file_uploads =&gt; 20 =&gt; 20 max_input_nesting_level
=&gt; 64 =&gt; 64 max_input_time =&gt; -1 =&gt; -1 max_input_vars
=&gt; 1000 =&gt; 1000 memory_limit =&gt; 256M =&gt; 256M
open_basedir =&gt; no value =&gt; no value output_buffering =&gt; 0
=&gt; 0 output_handler =&gt; no value =&gt; no value post_max_size
=&gt; 32M =&gt; 32M precision =&gt; 14 =&gt; 14 realpath_cache_size
=&gt; 16K =&gt; 16K realpath_cache_ttl =&gt; 120 =&gt; 120
register_argc_argv =&gt; On =&gt; On report_memleaks =&gt; On =&gt;
On report_zend_debug =&gt; Off =&gt; Off request_order =&gt; GP
=&gt; GP sendmail_from =&gt; no value =&gt; no value sendmail_path
=&gt; -t -i =&gt; -t -i serialize_precision =&gt; 100 =&gt; 100
short_open_tag =&gt; Off =&gt; Off SMTP =&gt; localhost =&gt;
localhost smtp_port =&gt; 25 =&gt; 25 sql.safe_mode =&gt; Off =&gt;
Off track_errors =&gt; Off =&gt; Off unserialize_callback_func
=&gt; no value =&gt; no value upload_max_filesize =&gt; 4M =&gt; 4M
upload_tmp_dir =&gt; no value =&gt; no value user_dir =&gt; no
value =&gt; no value user_ini.cache_ttl =&gt; 300 =&gt; 300
user_ini.filename =&gt; .user.ini =&gt; .user.ini variables_order
=&gt; GPCS =&gt; GPCS xmlrpc_error_number =&gt; 0 =&gt; 0
xmlrpc_errors =&gt; Off =&gt; Off zend.detect_unicode =&gt; On
=&gt; On zend.enable_gc =&gt; On =&gt; On zend.multibyte =&gt; Off
=&gt; Off zend.script_encoding =&gt; no value =&gt; no value ctype
ctype functions =&gt; enabled curl cURL support =&gt; enabled cURL
Information =&gt; 7.26.0 Age =&gt; 3 Features AsynchDNS =&gt; Yes
Debug =&gt; No GSS-Negotiate =&gt; No IDN =&gt; Yes IPv6 =&gt; Yes
Largefile =&gt; Yes NTLM =&gt; Yes SPNEGO =&gt; Yes SSL =&gt; Yes
SSPI =&gt; No krb4 =&gt; No libz =&gt; Yes CharConv =&gt; No
Protocols =&gt; dict, file, ftp, ftps, gopher, http, https, imap,
imaps, ldap, ldaps, pop3, pop3s, rtmp, rtsp, scp, sftp, smtp,
smtps, telnet, tftp Host =&gt; i686-pc-linux-gnu SSL Version =&gt;
OpenSSL/1.0.1c ZLib Version =&gt; 1.2.7 libSSH Version =&gt;
libssh2/1.4.2 date date/time support =&gt; enabled "Olson" Timezone
Database Version =&gt; 2012.3 Timezone Database =&gt; internal
Default timezone =&gt; Europe/Belgrade Directive =&gt; Local Value
=&gt; Master Value date.default_latitude =&gt; 31.7667 =&gt;
31.7667 date.default_longitude =&gt; 35.2333 =&gt; 35.2333
date.sunrise_zenith =&gt; 90.583333 =&gt; 90.583333
date.sunset_zenith =&gt; 90.583333 =&gt; 90.583333 date.timezone
=&gt; Europe/Belgrade =&gt; Europe/Belgrade dba DBA support =&gt;
enabled Supported handlers =&gt; gdbm cdb cdb_make inifile flatfile
Directive =&gt; Local Value =&gt; Master Value dba.default_handler
=&gt; flatfile =&gt; flatfile dom DOM/XML =&gt; enabled DOM/XML API
Version =&gt; 20031129 libxml Version =&gt; 2.8.0 HTML Support
=&gt; enabled XPath Support =&gt; enabled XPointer Support =&gt;
enabled Schema Support =&gt; enabled RelaxNG Support =&gt; enabled
ereg Regex Library =&gt; Bundled library enabled exif EXIF Support
=&gt; enabled EXIF Version =&gt; 1.4 $Id$ Supported EXIF Version
=&gt; 0220 Supported filetypes =&gt; JPEG,TIFF Directive =&gt;
Local Value =&gt; Master Value exif.decode_jis_intel =&gt; JIS
=&gt; JIS exif.decode_jis_motorola =&gt; JIS =&gt; JIS
exif.decode_unicode_intel =&gt; UCS-2LE =&gt; UCS-2LE
exif.decode_unicode_motorola =&gt; UCS-2BE =&gt; UCS-2BE
exif.encode_jis =&gt; no value =&gt; no value exif.encode_unicode
=&gt; ISO-8859-15 =&gt; ISO-8859-15 fileinfo fileinfo support =&gt;
enabled version =&gt; 1.0.5 filter Input Validation and Filtering
=&gt; enabled Revision =&gt; $Id:
e523cdc8829892d1b4f9cb7c3c57b2ba1c36b9ea $ Directive =&gt; Local
Value =&gt; Master Value filter.default =&gt; unsafe_raw =&gt;
unsafe_raw filter.default_flags =&gt; no value =&gt; no value ftp
FTP support =&gt; enabled gmp gmp support =&gt; enabled GMP version
=&gt; 5.0.5 hash hash support =&gt; enabled Hashing Engines =&gt;
md2 md4 md5 sha1 sha224 sha256 sha384 sha512 ripemd128 ripemd160
ripemd256 ripemd320 whirlpool tiger128,3 tiger160,3 tiger192,3
tiger128,4 tiger160,4 tiger192,4 snefru snefru256 gost adler32
crc32 crc32b fnv132 fnv164 joaat haval128,3 haval160,3 haval192,3
haval224,3 haval256,3 haval128,4 haval160,4 haval192,4 haval224,4
haval256,4 haval128,5 haval160,5 haval192,5 haval224,5 haval256,5
iconv iconv support =&gt; enabled iconv implementation =&gt; glibc
iconv library version =&gt; 2.7 Directive =&gt; Local Value =&gt;
Master Value iconv.input_encoding =&gt; ISO-8859-1 =&gt; ISO-8859-1
iconv.internal_encoding =&gt; ISO-8859-1 =&gt; ISO-8859-1
iconv.output_encoding =&gt; ISO-8859-1 =&gt; ISO-8859-1 json json
support =&gt; enabled json version =&gt; 1.2.1 libxml libXML
support =&gt; active libXML Compiled Version =&gt; 2.8.0 libXML
Loaded Version =&gt; 20800 libXML streams =&gt; enabled mbstring
Multibyte Support =&gt; enabled Multibyte string engine =&gt;
libmbfl HTTP input encoding translation =&gt; disabled libmbfl
version =&gt; 1.3.2 mbstring extension makes use of "streamable
kanji code filter and converter", which is distributed under the
GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1. Multibyte (japanese)
regex support =&gt; enabled Multibyte regex (oniguruma) backtrack
check =&gt; On Multibyte regex (oniguruma) version =&gt; 4.7.1
Directive =&gt; Local Value =&gt; Master Value
mbstring.detect_order =&gt; no value =&gt; no value
mbstring.encoding_translation =&gt; Off =&gt; Off
mbstring.func_overload =&gt; 0 =&gt; 0 mbstring.http_input =&gt;
pass =&gt; pass mbstring.http_output =&gt; pass =&gt; pass
mbstring.http_output_conv_mimetypes =&gt;
^(text/|application/xhtml\+xml) =&gt;
^(text/|application/xhtml\+xml) mbstring.internal_encoding =&gt; no
value =&gt; no value mbstring.language =&gt; neutral =&gt; neutral
mbstring.strict_detection =&gt; Off =&gt; Off
mbstring.substitute_character =&gt; no value =&gt; no value mysql
MySQL Support =&gt; enabled Active Persistent Links =&gt; 0 Active
Links =&gt; 0 Client API version =&gt; 5.5.25 MYSQL_MODULE_TYPE
=&gt; external MYSQL_SOCKET =&gt; /tmp/mysql.sock MYSQL_INCLUDE
=&gt; -I/usr/include MYSQL_LIBS =&gt; -L/usr/lib -lmysqlclient_r
Directive =&gt; Local Value =&gt; Master Value
mysql.allow_local_infile =&gt; On =&gt; On mysql.allow_persistent
=&gt; On =&gt; On mysql.connect_timeout =&gt; 60 =&gt; 60
mysql.default_host =&gt; no value =&gt; no value
mysql.default_password =&gt; no value =&gt; no value
mysql.default_port =&gt; no value =&gt; no value
mysql.default_socket =&gt; /tmp/mysql.sock =&gt; /tmp/mysql.sock
mysql.default_user =&gt; no value =&gt; no value mysql.max_links
=&gt; Unlimited =&gt; Unlimited mysql.max_persistent =&gt;
Unlimited =&gt; Unlimited mysql.trace_mode =&gt; Off =&gt; Off
mysqli MysqlI Support =&gt; enabled Client API library version
=&gt; 5.5.25 Active Persistent Links =&gt; 0 Inactive Persistent
Links =&gt; 0 Active Links =&gt; 0 Client API header version =&gt;
5.5.25 MYSQLI_SOCKET =&gt; /tmp/mysql.sock Directive =&gt; Local
Value =&gt; Master Value mysqli.allow_local_infile =&gt; On =&gt;
On mysqli.allow_persistent =&gt; On =&gt; On mysqli.default_host
=&gt; no value =&gt; no value mysqli.default_port =&gt; 3306 =&gt;
3306 mysqli.default_pw =&gt; no value =&gt; no value
mysqli.default_socket =&gt; no value =&gt; no value
mysqli.default_user =&gt; no value =&gt; no value mysqli.max_links
=&gt; Unlimited =&gt; Unlimited mysqli.max_persistent =&gt;
Unlimited =&gt; Unlimited mysqli.reconnect =&gt; Off =&gt; Off
openssl OpenSSL support =&gt; enabled OpenSSL Library Version =&gt;
OpenSSL 1.0.1c 10 May 2012 OpenSSL Header Version =&gt; OpenSSL
1.0.1c 10 May 2012 pcre PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions)
Support =&gt; enabled PCRE Library Version =&gt; 8.30 2012-02-04
Directive =&gt; Local Value =&gt; Master Value pcre.backtrack_limit
=&gt; 1000000 =&gt; 1000000 pcre.recursion_limit =&gt; 100000 =&gt;
100000 PDO PDO support =&gt; enabled PDO drivers =&gt; mysql,
pgsql, sqlite pdo_mysql PDO Driver for MySQL =&gt; enabled Client
API version =&gt; 5.5.25 Directive =&gt; Local Value =&gt; Master
Value pdo_mysql.default_socket =&gt; /tmp/mysql.sock =&gt;
/tmp/mysql.sock pdo_pgsql PDO Driver for PostgreSQL =&gt; enabled
PostgreSQL(libpq) Version =&gt; 9.1.4 Module version =&gt; 1.0.2
Revision =&gt; $Id$ pdo_sqlite PDO Driver for SQLite 3.x =&gt;
enabled SQLite Library =&gt; pgsql PostgreSQL Support =&gt;
enabled PostgreSQL(libpq) Version =&gt; 9.1.4 PostgreSQL(libpq)
=&gt; PostgreSQL 9.1.4 on i686-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by gcc (GCC)
4.2.4, 32-bit Multibyte character support =&gt; enabled SSL support
=&gt; disabled Active Persistent Links =&gt; 0 Active Links =&gt; 0
Directive =&gt; Local Value =&gt; Master Value
pgsql.allow_persistent =&gt; On =&gt; On
pgsql.auto_reset_persistent =&gt; Off =&gt; Off pgsql.ignore_notice
=&gt; Off =&gt; Off pgsql.log_notice =&gt; Off =&gt; Off
pgsql.max_links =&gt; Unlimited =&gt; Unlimited
pgsql.max_persistent =&gt; Unlimited =&gt; Unlimited Phar Phar: PHP
Archive support =&gt; enabled Phar EXT version =&gt; 2.0.1 Phar API
version =&gt; 1.1.1 SVN revision =&gt; $Id:
2a47d3d0354109d8077e34d59f1228ccfd021d59 $ Phar-based phar archives
=&gt; enabled Tar-based phar archives =&gt; enabled ZIP-based phar
archives =&gt; enabled gzip compression =&gt; enabled bzip2
compression =&gt; enabled OpenSSL support =&gt; enabled Phar based
on pear/PHP_Archive, original concept by Davey Shafik. Phar fully
realized by Gregory Beaver and Marcus Boerger. Portions of tar
implementation Copyright (c) 2003-2009 Tim Kientzle. Directive
=&gt; Local Value =&gt; Master Value phar.cache_list =&gt; no value
=&gt; no value phar.readonly =&gt; On =&gt; On phar.require_hash
=&gt; On =&gt; On posix Revision =&gt; $Id:
967584c6fadb3467f31abe8e13caa8764df85867 $ readline Readline
Support =&gt; enabled Readline library =&gt; 6.2 Directive =&gt;
Local Value =&gt; Master Value cli.pager =&gt; no value =&gt; no
value cli.prompt =&gt; \b \&gt; =&gt; \b \&gt; Reflection
Reflection =&gt; enabled Version =&gt; $Id:
1cf65cee164ed57874ce2d29e5c46b82f6139524 $ session Session Support
=&gt; enabled Registered save handlers =&gt; files user Registered
serializer handlers =&gt; php php_binary Directive =&gt; Local
Value =&gt; Master Value session.auto_start =&gt; Off =&gt; Off
session.cache_expire =&gt; 180 =&gt; 180 session.cache_limiter
=&gt; nocache =&gt; nocache session.cookie_domain =&gt; no value
=&gt; no value session.cookie_httponly =&gt; Off =&gt; Off
session.cookie_lifetime =&gt; 0 =&gt; 0 session.cookie_path =&gt; /
=&gt; / session.cookie_secure =&gt; Off =&gt; Off
session.entropy_file =&gt; /dev/urandom =&gt; /dev/urandom
session.entropy_length =&gt; 0 =&gt; 0 session.gc_divisor =&gt;
1000 =&gt; 1000 session.gc_maxlifetime =&gt; 1440 =&gt; 1440
session.gc_probability =&gt; 1 =&gt; 1
session.hash_bits_per_character =&gt; 6 =&gt; 6
session.hash_function =&gt; 7 =&gt; 7 =&gt; PHPSESSID
=&gt; PHPSESSID session.referer_check =&gt; no value =&gt; no value
session.save_handler =&gt; files =&gt; files session.save_path
=&gt; no value =&gt; no value session.serialize_handler =&gt; php
=&gt; php session.upload_progress.cleanup =&gt; On =&gt; On
session.upload_progress.enabled =&gt; On =&gt; On
session.upload_progress.freq =&gt; 1% =&gt; 1%
session.upload_progress.min_freq =&gt; 1 =&gt; 1 =&gt; PHP_SESSION_UPLOAD_PROGRESS
=&gt; PHP_SESSION_UPLOAD_PROGRESS session.upload_progress.prefix
=&gt; upload_progress_ =&gt; upload_progress_ session.use_cookies
=&gt; On =&gt; On session.use_only_cookies =&gt; On =&gt; On
session.use_trans_sid =&gt; 0 =&gt; 0 SimpleXML Simplexml support
=&gt; enabled Revision =&gt; $Id:
455280fc74f9f002b7314def7a456f6c3080eb92 $ Schema support =&gt;
enabled SPL SPL support =&gt; enabled Interfaces =&gt; Countable,
OuterIterator, RecursiveIterator, SeekableIterator, SplObserver,
SplSubject Classes =&gt; AppendIterator, ArrayIterator,
ArrayObject, BadFunctionCallException, BadMethodCallException,
CachingIterator, CallbackFilterIterator, DirectoryIterator,
DomainException, EmptyIterator, FilesystemIterator, FilterIterator,
GlobIterator, InfiniteIterator, InvalidArgumentException,
IteratorIterator, LengthException, LimitIterator, LogicException,
MultipleIterator, NoRewindIterator, OutOfBoundsException,
OutOfRangeException, OverflowException, ParentIterator,
RangeException, RecursiveArrayIterator, RecursiveCachingIterator,
RecursiveCallbackFilterIterator, RecursiveDirectoryIterator,
RecursiveFilterIterator, RecursiveIteratorIterator,
RecursiveRegexIterator, RecursiveTreeIterator, RegexIterator,
RuntimeException, SplDoublyLinkedList, SplFileInfo, SplFileObject,
SplFixedArray, SplHeap, SplMinHeap, SplMaxHeap, SplObjectStorage,
SplPriorityQueue, SplQueue, SplStack, SplTempFileObject,
UnderflowException, UnexpectedValueException sqlite3 SQLite3
support =&gt; enabled SQLite3 module version =&gt; 0.7 SQLite
Library =&gt; Directive =&gt; Local Value =&gt; Master
Value sqlite3.extension_dir =&gt; no value =&gt; no value standard
Dynamic Library Support =&gt; enabled Path to sendmail =&gt; -t -i
Directive =&gt; Local Value =&gt; Master Value =&gt;
1 =&gt; 1 assert.bail =&gt; 0 =&gt; 0 assert.callback =&gt; no
value =&gt; no value assert.quiet_eval =&gt; 0 =&gt; 0
assert.warning =&gt; 1 =&gt; 1 auto_detect_line_endings =&gt; 0
=&gt; 0 default_socket_timeout =&gt; 60 =&gt; 60 from =&gt; no
value =&gt; no value url_rewriter.tags =&gt;
a=href,area=href,frame=src,input=src,form=fakeentry =&gt;
a=href,area=href,frame=src,input=src,form=fakeentry user_agent
=&gt; no value =&gt; no value tidy Tidy support =&gt; enabled
libTidy Release =&gt; 25 March 2009 Extension Version =&gt; 2.0
($Id$) Directive =&gt; Local Value =&gt; Master Value
tidy.clean_output =&gt; 1 =&gt; 1 tidy.default_config =&gt;
/usr/lib/php/default.tcfg =&gt; /usr/lib/php/default.tcfg tokenizer
Tokenizer Support =&gt; enabled xml XML Support =&gt; active XML
Namespace Support =&gt; active libxml2 Version =&gt; 2.8.0
xmlreader XMLReader =&gt; enabled xmlwriter XMLWriter =&gt; enabled
xsl XSL =&gt; enabled libxslt Version =&gt; 1.1.26 libxslt compiled
against libxml Version =&gt; 2.8.0 EXSLT =&gt; enabled libexslt
Version =&gt; 1.1.26 zip Zip =&gt; enabled Extension Version =&gt;
$Id$ Zip version =&gt; 1.9.1 Libzip version =&gt; 0.9.0 zlib ZLib
Support =&gt; enabled Stream Wrapper =&gt; compress.zlib:// Stream
Filter =&gt; zlib.inflate, zlib.deflate Compiled Version =&gt;
1.2.7 Linked Version =&gt; 1.2.7 Directive =&gt; Local Value =&gt;
Master Value zlib.output_compression =&gt; On =&gt; On
zlib.output_compression_level =&gt; 9 =&gt; 9 zlib.output_handler
=&gt; no value =&gt; no value Additional Modules Module Name
Environment Variable =&gt; Value CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH =&gt;
/usr/lib/qt/include:/usr/lib/qt/include MANPATH =&gt;
/usr/local/man:/usr/man KDE_MULTIHEAD =&gt; false DM_CONTROL =&gt;
/var/run/xdmctl HOSTNAME =&gt; TEST_PHP_SRCDIR
=&gt; /dev/shm/php-5.4.4 SHELL =&gt; /bin/bash TERM =&gt; xterm
MAKEFLAGS =&gt; SSH_CLIENT =&gt; deleted GTK2_RC_FILES =&gt;
/etc/gtk/gtkrc:/root/.gtkrc:/root/.kde/share/config/gtkrc GS_LIB
=&gt; /root/.fonts WINDOWID =&gt; 35651591 OLDPWD =&gt;
/dev/shm/nulti QTDIR =&gt; /usr/lib/qt SSH_TTY =&gt; deleted
KDE_FULL_SESSION =&gt; true LC_ALL =&gt; C USER =&gt; root
GDK_USE_XFT =&gt; 1 SSH_AUTH_SOCK =&gt; deleted KDEDIR =&gt; /usr
SESSION_MANAGER =&gt; local/mioljub:/tmp/.ICE-unix/5840 MAKELEVEL
=&gt; 1 MFLAGS =&gt; XDG_CONFIG_DIRS =&gt;
/etc/xdg:/etc/kde/xdg:/etc/kde/xdg MINICOM =&gt; -c on KONSOLE_DCOP
=&gt; DCOPRef(konsole-6112,konsole) DESKTOP_SESSION =&gt; default
PATH =&gt;
KONSOLE_DCOP_SESSION =&gt; DCOPRef(konsole-6112,session-1) PWD
=&gt; /dev/shm/php-5.4.4 INPUTRC =&gt; /etc/inputrc LANG =&gt;
/dev/shm/nulti/sapi/cli/php HOME =&gt; /root SHLVL =&gt; 4
XCURSOR_THEME =&gt; default LS_OPTIONS =&gt; -F -b -T 0
--color=auto LOGNAME =&gt; root LESS =&gt; -M VISUAL =&gt; mcedit
SSH_CONNECTION =&gt; deleted MOZILLA_HOME =&gt; /usr/lib/firefox/
DISPLAY =&gt; :0.0 CC =&gt; /dev/shm/nulti/meta_ccld
G_BROKEN_FILENAMES =&gt; 1 COLORTERM =&gt; _ =&gt;
/dev/shm/nulti/sapi/cli/php PHP Variables Variable =&gt; Value
/usr/lib/qt/include:/usr/lib/qt/include _SERVER["MANPATH"] =&gt;
/usr/local/man:/usr/man _SERVER["KDE_MULTIHEAD"] =&gt; false
_SERVER["DM_CONTROL"] =&gt; /var/run/xdmctl _SERVER["HOSTNAME"]
=&gt; _SERVER["TEST_PHP_SRCDIR"] =&gt;
/dev/shm/php-5.4.4 _SERVER["SHELL"] =&gt; /bin/bash _SERVER["TERM"]
=&gt; xterm _SERVER["XDM_MANAGED"] =&gt;
_SERVER["MAKEFLAGS"] =&gt; _SERVER["SSH_CLIENT"] =&gt; deleted
_SERVER["GS_LIB"] =&gt; /root/.fonts _SERVER["WINDOWID"] =&gt;
35651591 _SERVER["OLDPWD"] =&gt; /dev/shm/nulti _SERVER["QTDIR"]
=&gt; /usr/lib/qt _SERVER["SSH_TTY"] =&gt; deleted
_SERVER["KDE_FULL_SESSION"] =&gt; true _SERVER["LC_ALL"] =&gt; C
_SERVER["USER"] =&gt; root _SERVER["LS_COLORS"] =&gt;
=&gt; local/mioljub:/tmp/.ICE-unix/5840 _SERVER["MAKELEVEL"] =&gt;
/etc/xdg:/etc/kde/xdg:/etc/kde/xdg _SERVER["MINICOM"] =&gt; -c on
_SERVER["KONSOLE_DCOP"] =&gt; DCOPRef(konsole-6112,konsole)
_SERVER["DESKTOP_SESSION"] =&gt; default _SERVER["PATH"] =&gt;
DCOPRef(konsole-6112,session-1) _SERVER["PWD"] =&gt;
/dev/shm/php-5.4.4 _SERVER["INPUTRC"] =&gt; /etc/inputrc
_SERVER["LANG"] =&gt; en_US _SERVER["KDE_SESSION_UID"] =&gt; 0
_SERVER["TEST_PHP_EXECUTABLE"] =&gt; /dev/shm/nulti/sapi/cli/php
_SERVER["HOME"] =&gt; /root _SERVER["SHLVL"] =&gt; 4
_SERVER["XCURSOR_THEME"] =&gt; default _SERVER["LS_OPTIONS"] =&gt;
-F -b -T 0 --color=auto _SERVER["LOGNAME"] =&gt; root
_SERVER["LESS"] =&gt; -M _SERVER["VISUAL"] =&gt; mcedit
=&gt; /usr/lib/firefox/ _SERVER["LESSOPEN"] =&gt; | %s
_SERVER["DISPLAY"] =&gt; :0.0 _SERVER["CC"] =&gt;
/dev/shm/nulti/meta_ccld _SERVER["G_BROKEN_FILENAMES"] =&gt; 1
_SERVER["COLORTERM"] =&gt; _SERVER["_"] =&gt;
/dev/shm/nulti/sapi/cli/php _SERVER["PHP_SELF"] =&gt;
_SERVER["REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT"] =&gt; 1340564610.781
_SERVER["REQUEST_TIME"] =&gt; 1340564610 _SERVER["argv"] =&gt;
Array ( ) _SERVER["argc"] =&gt; 0 PHP License This program is free
software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms
of the PHP License as published by the PHP Group and included in
the distribution in the file: LICENSE This program is distributed
in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;
without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR
A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. If you did not receive a copy of the PHP
license, or have any questions about PHP licensing, please contact

Build environment

Linux - Linux mioljub #1 SMP Wed Apr 22 17:24:56 Local time zone must be set--see zic  i686

autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.69
Copyright (C) 2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
License GPLv3+/Autoconf: GNU GPL version 3 or later
<>, <>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

Written by David J. MacKenzie and Akim Demaille.

Bundled Libtool: (GNU libtool) 1.5.26 (1.1220.2.492 2008/01/30 06:40:56)

Copyright (C) 2008  Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO

System Libtool:
libtool (GNU libtool) 2.4.2
Written by Gordon Matzigkeit <>, 1996

Copyright (C) 2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO

Reading specs from /usr/lib/gcc/i486-slackware-linux/4.2.4/specs
Target: i486-slackware-linux
Configured with: ../gcc-4.2.4/configure --prefix=/usr --enable-shared --enable-languages=ada,c,c++,fortran,java,objc --enable-threads=posix --enable-__cxa_atexit --disable-checking --with-gnu-ld --verbose --with-arch=i486 --target=i486-slackware-linux --host=i486-slackware-linux
Thread model: posix
gcc version 4.2.4


Libraries: =>  (0xffffe000) => /lib/ (0xb7f91000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7f7b000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7f69000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7f02000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7efe000) => /lib/ (0xb7ef9000) => /lib/ (0xb7ed3000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7e8a000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7e5a000) => /lib/ (0xb7e1b000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7dfc000) => /lib/ (0xb7df3000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7b2f000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7acd000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7ac5000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7ab5000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7a5f000) => /lib/ (0xb7a47000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb79ef000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb79eb000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb79dc000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb79ab000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7989000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7953000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7946000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb792f000) => /lib/ (0xb791c000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7907000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb78d3000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb77b2000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7790000) => /lib/ (0xb7779000) => /lib/ (0xb762d000)
	/lib/ (0xb7fd9000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb7547000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb753c000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb74fa000) => /usr/lib/ (0xb73bd000)

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