Test: /sapi/fpm/tests/023.phpt - Version 7.2.6RC1    

There is 1 diff reported by users for this test.

Count Diff
1 (100%)
001+ [09-May-2018 10:06:12.560999] ALERT: pid 8748, fpm_conf_process_all_pools(), line 771: [pool unconfined] user has not been defined
002+ [09-May-2018 10:06:12.561040] ERROR: pid 8748, fpm_conf_init_main(), line 1738: failed to post process the configuration
001- [%d-%s-%d %d:%d:%f] NOTICE: pid %d, fpm_socket_af_inet_listening_socket(), line %d: Failed implicitly binding to ::, retrying with
002- [%d-%s-%d %d:%d:%f] ERROR: pid %d, fpm_sockets_new_listening_socket(), line %d: unable to bind listening socket for address '%d': %s
003+ [09-May-2018 10:06:12.561048] ERROR: pid 8748, fpm_init(), line 74: FPM initialization failed