Test: /ext/iconv/tests/bug76249.phpt - Version 7.4.1-dev        

Security #76249 stream filter convert.iconv leads to infinite loop on invalid sequence
Submitted: 2018-04-22 15:18:35 Modified: 2018-04-29 20:47:46
From: p.mehrer Assigned: stas
Status: Closed Package: Streams related
PHP Version: 7.0.29 OS: ubuntu/xenial x64

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Count Diff
1 (100%)
001+ Warning: stream_filter_append(): unable to create or locate filter "convert.iconv.ucs-2/utf-8//IGNORE" in %s/bug76249.php on line 6
002+ string(3) "abc"
001- Warning: stream_get_contents(): iconv stream filter ("ucs-2"=>"utf%A8//IGNORE"): invalid multibyte sequence in %sbug76249.php on line %d
002- string(0) ""