Welcome to the PHP Quality Assurance Team Web Page.

The PHP Quality Assurance Team supports the PHP Development Team by providing them with information on compatibility and stability issues.

Make test results:

  • All users who compile PHP are encouraged to run 'make test', which runs the test suite and optionally sends the results to this site to be compiled into reports for analysis.
  • Additional test results are available at gcov.php.net.

Available QA Releases:

Providing QA for the following test releases:


php-7.4.24RC1.tar.bz2 SHA256: eeffab3c29d8d171332cd8470a043fbf6bc871d76e13fef519b99c051213779d
php-7.4.24RC1.tar.gz SHA256: 9c17c2f1972a3daef29979a7cd93f6562df6d1a62dab9a09b733abf53441bac3
php-7.4.24RC1.tar.xz SHA256: a0af90a184e9de06a1080af1a0ae235769bd6f0a081a76923d487b6a91053c7a


php-8.0.11RC1.tar.bz2 SHA256: 98fa0e7f57e40926b81c2285ba7a5805defb8cd79814afda7fdbceedd26064de
php-8.0.11RC1.tar.gz SHA256: 17c70798f2cd7f99824df62a75aa89476916f88a01c791c32a8baefb4af2dbc4
php-8.0.11RC1.tar.xz SHA256: d8f19c350ff7abf7282a33aff5fcf218ee24e72b1c860e1ec083c4f3533bb665


php-8.1.0RC2.tar.bz2 SHA256: cae9b3f00693e467736aec930676cf5cf71da87b50114a3597de502980d29a4c
php-8.1.0RC2.tar.gz SHA256: 08d6b7e04f32884e6dffcfb696cc194ad5c48ce142fb7021007f8a4d6b421c42
php-8.1.0RC2.tar.xz SHA256: 732f006fcec5e7f418ab79110d88becfb918388858fbe667d17b058a54876efc

Windows users: See here for the Windows QA builds and here for the Windows Snapshot builds.

How To Help

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