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The PHP Quality Assurance Team supports the PHP Development Team by providing them with information on compatibility and stability issues.

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php-7.1.0RC6.tar.bz2 MD5: f9242579d2305b005c84c515e2f57b2a SHA256: 7ed531c0697350ee22ac2b5ae3caf6c50643e773a2a61aace990afe9be305d1b
php-7.1.0RC6.tar.gz MD5: 1239bc0566d0b8fd18165fdd3aed354f SHA256: 82207f7954f5e35da24072f296dd204d261e61df16eca925c8d4e2280173705b
php-7.1.0RC6.tar.xz MD5: 26bb2d5dc690b3463a0fea3d71fcf935 SHA256: 3812b54ff84b32cb3750994088161e9c6455000499f4716b635b7c1e64a75a2c

Windows users: See here for the Windows QA builds and here for the Windows Snapshot builds.

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