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The PHP Quality Assurance Team supports the PHP Development Team by providing them with information on compatibility and stability issues.

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php-7.1.21RC1.tar.bz2 SHA256: e4febdcb3793cc78fb0512242a9b6a67fd32053c34c663d704f89b203148a5c8
php-7.1.21RC1.tar.gz SHA256: c741b156b1b00182e6fb2c4462fa97a1dc48b8cf761d5a16f5d313d10d850aa7
php-7.1.21RC1.tar.xz SHA256: 9c4ed8380568c7dc1f0f6abe9f34cd8a68fa58483d55a35e1aebf24048f6c479


php-7.3.0beta2.tar.bz2 SHA256: c35e16e05118623b77b01b5b68bf443c51f1d82e858ffbbaa4830d97583cfec1
php-7.3.0beta2.tar.gz SHA256: 2bfb3327cdc4c802b1a6c70375ef6bde72b8c4f346699d1319662969907306f6
php-7.3.0beta2.tar.xz SHA256: 28f040680ff517b6c3da403fd1048054de0e867246c47da36342f6a488661c70

Windows users: See here for the Windows QA builds and here for the Windows Snapshot builds.

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