Welcome to the PHP Quality Assurance Team Web Page.

The PHP Quality Assurance Team supports the PHP Development Team by providing them with information on compatibility and stability issues.

Make test results:

  • All users who compile PHP are encouraged to run 'make test', which runs the test suite and optionally sends the results to this site to be compiled into reports for analysis.
  • Additional test results are available at gcov.php.net.

Available QA Releases:

Providing QA for the following test releases:


php-7.2.25RC1.tar.bz2 SHA256: 393c0bf4eb64564f5c3e1d2dbf31ba11f8c9b0f00e07959b95bd87518a60e0f5
php-7.2.25RC1.tar.gz SHA256: 015f73de0baa72e914932b62b7ba59f0ff88c2033e3ba0a244118699b2e70df8
php-7.2.25RC1.tar.xz SHA256: 94f1c3b2ce04e0e84958edcb524f3d7fcdd7e7aaf87c7b7dd01416efb18c3439


php-7.3.12RC1.tar.bz2 SHA256: 4c06ad87e02b46ee748373d99a4b5cec1aaeea57732112d8823a943a40ebffa4
php-7.3.12RC1.tar.gz SHA256: 3e7f2f78240a96edd9a44527916259eda7fec8ac56fa08b7dceb94dadac7b23c
php-7.3.12RC1.tar.xz SHA256: 95af2b766a0c69a4fa733eac9ced0da2f286fd7bb534b51f6a3ea1ab5731a2d6


php-7.4.0RC5.tar.bz2 SHA256: 10f027d48268aa9bec802025d0e9d80263ff0ec8f2946e7f33e443e6034037dd
php-7.4.0RC5.tar.gz SHA256: 2f12eaf09f59e4c6d7a6af22556a933eae79afa545ade4a7fdfb62eb12515bb4
php-7.4.0RC5.tar.xz SHA256: 329f32afe06f2ac627da9294e164b73c19329c430a3f105324faf1b344a896e1

Windows users: See here for the Windows QA builds and here for the Windows Snapshot builds.

How To Help

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