Application - Application tested (Symfony, Joomla-Platform, Drupal, Mediawiki, Wordpress)

Scenario Set - Scenarios that are tested (CLI, Apache mod_php ; Opcache, Filesystem, etc...)

ERROR - PhpUnit tests that finished with Error(s)

FAILURE - PhpUnit tests that failed

TIMEOUT - Tests that did not finish after the maximum amount of time passed (usually one minute)

CRASH - Tests that Crashed PHP

Report compares ERROR, FAILURE, TIMEOUT, CRASH and PASS for two PHP Builds, the Base Build with the Test Build. A +X indicates the count increased from Base to Test. A -X indicates the count decreased from Base to Test. If the difference is good, it is shown in green (fe increase in PASS, decrease in ERROR). If the difference is bad, it is shown in red (fe increase in FAILURE).

Full Info on PFTT's PHPUnit Test Statuses

Result-Pack All the test logs are compressed into result-packs, which can be downloaded using the two links in the report.