Test: /ext/openssl/tests/bug72165.phpt - Version 7.4.23RC1        

Bug #72165 Null pointer dereference - openssl_csr_new
Submitted: 2016-05-05 09:51:04 Modified:
From: shm Assigned:
Status: Closed Package: OpenSSL related
PHP Version: 7.0.6 OS:

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001+ Warning: openssl_csr_new(): private key length is too short; it needs to be at least 384 bits, not 0 in %s/bug72165.php on line 3 001- Warning: openssl_csr_new(): dn: numeric fild names are not supported in %sbug72165.php on line %d 003+ Warning: openssl_csr_new(): Unable to generate a private key in %s/bug72165.php on line 3 003- Warning: openssl_csr_new(): add1_attr_by_txt challengePassword_min -> 4 (failed; check error queue and value of string_mask OpenSSL option if illegal characters are reported) in %sbug72165.php on line %d