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The PHP Quality Assurance Team supports the PHP Development Team by providing them with information on compatibility and stability issues.

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php-7.0.27RC1.tar.bz2 SHA256: 9560ee4e63309ddada8f1fddf5c5abd911f6c857a5f707f4fb37bef52c25a8d4
php-7.0.27RC1.tar.gz SHA256: 81db902ee330e12be67857a9f101ce2523250cc3ce2f97a978f6897a7b48dbbb
php-7.0.27RC1.tar.xz SHA256: 3018a036caf7de5d5a5cc04a9667224e256c12813348e5e57b2f3f1bde481ace


php-7.1.13RC1.tar.bz2 SHA256: c954bc3df3f924df5229c89095930266d0a9ed05f4f192eb404d4c814faba4fb
php-7.1.13RC1.tar.gz SHA256: 81bf82b01cc9c10c9a454914dd30baedfa92730139aca851e190545972750dfb
php-7.1.13RC1.tar.xz SHA256: aa76871f3bd4ae7014226ac3e58bb8b210640771536fccaf7567c650960788f5

Windows users: See here for the Windows QA builds and here for the Windows Snapshot builds.

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