Release Candidates Testing and QA

  • Release Candidate Build
  • Automated Smoke Tests
  • Automated QA Checklists
  • Automated Regression Tests

Modify The Bug Database Interface

The interface should:

  • reduce the occurance of multiple reports on the same bug
  • improve the accuracy of the reports
  • make it easier for the QAT to reproduce the bug
  • track the solution to the bug

Bug Hunting

  • analysing/closing existing bug reports at
  • analysing new bugs posted on the php-dev list
  • actively seeking and tracking bugs on available platforms
  • monitoring/reviewing information from existing PHP mailing lists

Provide Client-Side Bug Reporting via PHP Interpreter

  • Add functionality to PHP to help php users submit accurate bugs.
  • Probably the best solution that has been proposed is the addition of a submit_bug() function that would automatically send platform data, along with PHP interpreter state when it is called. This solution would address the security concerns that have been raised by the possible display of platform information to malicious visitors.
  • Bugs gathered from this source would need to be filtered by an agent before they could be considered truly useful.
  • Note that filtering many spurious bug reports should be relatively simple. Bug reports that were generated due to parse errors could be ignored or flagged as low priority.
  • However, all of this would require developer involvement and is probably the least plausible goal!