How You Can Help

So there you sit. A PHP coder who loves PHP. But lately you find yourself wanting to help the PHP community by contributing. Only one problem - you aren't a uber 1337 coder - whether it is because you have only recently started to learn how to program in PHP or you just don't yet have the experience with advanced concepts. But you really want to help out and you are unsure though how to go about doing it. You have looked at the various 'normal' ways of helping out with PHP but nothing seems to fit. Your C coding isn't the best (if you even know how) so helping with the core or PECL is out, nothing in PEAR really 'calls' to you, and you don't know anything about the PHP docs and the software it uses. So where does that leave you. Have no fear there is still a way you can help with PHP - you can help the PHP Quality Assurance team.

  • You can Write testcases:
    • to reproduce bugs
    • for PHP functions where testcases do not currently exist
  • Run our test suite on a regular schedule, we're currently setting up a system to do this all automatically.

  • Give a PHP/QA Team member access to a server that you administrate, especially on ones running some of the more exotic Operation Systems.

    To do this, please send mail to the PHP/QA email list ( with the subject 'Guest Account for PHP/QA Team Member'. In the body of the message, please list the specifications on the machine (hardware, operating system, installed software, etc...).